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Whether it’s managing discomforts or fine-tuning one’s form to shave off a few seconds, for the first time ever individuals have access to personalized services and cutting edge technology which are exclusive to PACE.


“Prehab is a proactive approach of screening movement deficiencies and the potential for injury. We guide individuals to ensure that he or she is able to lead an injury free and healthy lifestyle. Prehab allows us to identify your risk factors that could potentially lead to injury, understand your weak points and the limits of your body”.
– Francis Diano PT, MCMT.

₱ 6,500.00

Identifying and assessing:

1. Structural and soft tissue deficiencies that limit performance and increase the predisposition to injury; and

2. Movement pattern insufficiencies and dysfunctions that limit performance and increase the predisposition to injury

Additional tools used:

Optogait: Optical detection system that uses a series of 96 LED lights on 2 bars. Calculates and captures the different parameters during a running and gait cycle or during a jumping activity. The data is translated to time based information, which can then be used to identify asymmetrical deficiencies and inefficiencies.

Dorsavi Vi Perform: Mobile and wireless sensor technology that objectively measures human movement and turns it into actionable data. Wearable motion and muscle activity sensors record data at 200 frames per second. Currently the standard for assessment for several NFL and NBA teams.

₱ 4,500.00

  • Orthopedic and Myofascial Correction
  • Postural Correction
  • Movement Correction

₱ 2,500.00

  • Sports Dependent
Sports Planning

PACE can help you understand and analyze the demands of the sport that you will engage in. From the physical limits of your body to the day-to-day stress factors that affect training and performance.

Program Adjustments

  • Updating the existing program to accommodate for changes in fitness, schedule, etc.
  • Micro Cycle Plotting – Modification of existing program

Mental Coaching

  • Goal re-evaluation, Sport/s rationalization
  • Training and Race motivation
  • Pre-race and race day mental conditioning

₱ 6,500.00

Goal setting

  • Identifying the demands of the chosen sport
  • Mental
  • Functional Flexibility
  • Functional Strength
  • Endurance
  • Developing the skill set required so that you may effectively engage and compete in the activity

On Season Planning

  • Identifying and determining warm-up to peak races or games for the season
  • Development of a periodized training and recovery program
  • Macro cycle plotting
  • Periodization of existing program

Off Season Planning

  • Fitness maintenance OR Fitness building specific to the chosen sport
  • Functional strengthening and flexibility training
  • Functional and focused skill training

PACE helps you understand the limits of your body through prick-less Lactate Threshold Testing. We do this with the help of BSX insight.

Using a wireless LED sensor system, the BSX insight captures 100 data points per second over the course of a 30-40 minute test. This is a non-invasive assessment with absolutely no risk of infection or trauma. This also provides real time muscle oxygenation or identifies the amount of oxygen used by the muscles.

  • Single Test (Bike or Run): P4,500.00
  • Bike and Run (Initial): P8,000.00
  • Bike and Run (Succeeding): P6,500.00
  • (Inclusive of one 30-mins. recovery session)
  • * 10% Discount for bookings of at least 5 pax.or sessions

PACE offers Gait Analysis using the most advanced technology that allows the analysis and measurement of the body’s movement, mechanics and the way muscles are engaged while in motion.

This data-driven and real time assessment is used by coaches and athletes to aid them in running more efficiently by identifying posture or movement-related problems. But this is not limited to athletes alone. The Gait Analysis is also widely used to address issues of and help individuals with problems that affect their ability to walk.

  • Initial: P 7,500.00
  • Follow up: P 5,500.00
  • Optogait or Dorsa Vi
  • Extensive Video Analysis
  • Form Correction
  • Footwear Recommendation
  • P 3,000.00
  • Sport Dependent
Recovery Lounge

RecoveryPump is the industry leader in mechanical compression recovery.
Each station at the PACE Recovery Lounge is equipped with a RecoveryPump unit, recliner, flat screen TV and personal wireless headset. There is a library of health and fitness books so recovery is laid back and relaxed.

  • P 1,000.00 (60 Minutes)
  • Recovery session (Arms/Boots/Core)

PACE is home to the first and only publicly accessible Computrainers in the Philippines. Long recognized as the Gold Standard of indoor cycling trainers, it captures and tracks, among others wattage, speed and cadence.

Each of PACE’s Computrainer is coupled with Racermate One, a software that provides in-depth analysis of an individual’s performance and critical information that helps fine-tune an athlete’s output in real time. The system has proven to increase cycling power by up to 20% over a period of 3 months.

  • P 1,500.00 / session
  • Inclusive 30 min use of Recovery Boots