5 Ways to Improve Your Track Workout

If you want to stay on track to tackle a big goal, like a half marathon or marathon, you gotta, well, hit the track. That brick­red, oval­shaped, closed­circuit course isn’t just reserved for pimple­faced high schoolers and record­ breaking Olympians. It’s the perfect setting for speed-work and other drills to prepare you to PR any […]

Are some body types not built to run?

Some people are born to run. Others are born with big hips. I’ve forever believed that the width of my curvy Latina body is the reason my knees always kill after a short or long run (three miles to six). When your bones don’t stack up in the most aligned way, it generally makes it […]

Make your fitness tracker work for you not against you

Like many of you, I received a wearable fitness tracker for the holidays. (Mine didn’t arrive under the tree. The newly released Microsoft Band came straight to my office for testing in November.) At first I was reluctant to try it — I couldn’t handle one more piece of technology sucking me in and away […]

Multisport January – February 2015

MultiSport Philippines is the first FREE triathlon magazine in the country, targeted to novice and elite sportsmen, as well as those considering an active lifestyle. We bring essential information about health, nutrition, and physical fitness that are neither too advanced nor too easy for the athlete or athlete­to­be.